So Long...

What does it mean when a colleague takes your resignation as a ‘divorce’? 
My journey at Slyds ends today. And I know it will be another happy day; just the last.  
I am not quite sure where the role of Communications + Client Servicing + Project Manager in a Presentation Studio will take me in my professional line, but it has been a joy ride at Slyds.

As always, I started from scratch. From someone who knew absolutely nothing about graphic design, let alone Powerpoint, I got on to not just understanding the need of a strong presentation, but becoming stubborn enough to deliver with no compromise. I believe, you really cannot sell anything unless you are genuinely passionate about it. For someone with no design sense at all, through time, I became proud to have my name along with the brains behind every project that I was associated with. I might have just crossed the line and taken someone else’s dream as my duty, but that’s what happens when you enjoy what you do.

And why not? I had this real, one-of-a-kind, crazy, creative bunch of designers as the strength of the company! Only my best colleagues ever. I mean it when I say, their level of madness is not something everyone can handle. Every sleepless night I have had, worrying about deliverables (as if it really were something of my own), each time I would get upset and unhappy with the design, they would quietly, just so quietly, nod their head and start all over again. No, nobody would do that even for the money. They would (will continue to) swallow any comment and push themselves to re-create only the best.  A level of unmatchable humility. I don’t know if they take ‘projects’ or have the time to understand the gravity of what a strong presentation means to any client, but they sure as hell know, to never disappoint and only deliver the unbelievable.

A team is strong when the ego is kept outside of work. Where there is acceptance, there is growth.  And where there is passion, the journey can only be euphoric.

For the past 22 months, my life revolved only around work and work-fun. A sort of disconnect in its own way, only I chose to spend the rest of my time very carefully. Running to late night Malayalam movies, jamming on our gorgeous lake-facing terrace, treating our stomachs with just about anything we craved for, my lunchbox dabba diaries and supporting each other in any any possible to bring out the best in us. All this and much more, is how time has passed here. 

“You gotta gather up what you need,
You gotta choose a direction
And when the moment is right for you,
You gotta go.”

Thank you, Slyds for letting me be.
Wishing the entire team only the best.
Stay Crazy!

See you when I see you!