This day, last year I was the last one to wish ya..
Vaguely remember you trying to talk in the midst of all that noise but I cant forget you were having a great time..

Don't be surprised to see such a small post. There's more I want to write but I cant.. Its all in the head but nothing's falling into place.. just scribbling anything that's coming out.. Also, I choose to save the essence to myself than let everyone take a bite of it..
Just so you may know, you don't stop crossing my mind every time I see a Thunderbird. The memories choke me but hey, I won't let ya down.!

So, they say, the afterlife is a greener path! A friend of mine wrote a poem about how you guys have fun up there.. We'l know it when we get there, I guess..
On the other side, I have been good.. Work's all good.. A good amount of The Reading seems to be working for me..

Its not wrong for people to miss their loved ones.. But do you know what's the most important fear of death?? - Being Forgotten.. Yea.. I'm afraid but's that's how it works! .. They'll take their time for it to sink in, but eventually.. Its all 'Gone, Done & Dusted'.. You were smart enough to not let anyone realize you had nothing left to give us, and nothing more to get.. Waah Chotte..

Now, If I may ask... Does death allow you to grow older? I hope it does, I could wish ya then!!

To Good Old Times,
Here's Wishing ya a very Happy Birthday.. I want to say this over and over again..
Much Love....


P.S - I promise I shall celebrate it with some great food!


  1. Love, Hugs nd blessings....a sexy reason 4 me to eat my fav choc-cake today!! :)

  2. Thanks for being a part of the day!

  3. i knew you wud do something for him on his day :) dint wanna actually ask but i knew ders something on its way.. his was one bday we wud neva miss n can neva forget.. Im sure he's having a greater life up there :) n is surely watching u.

  4. Randomly came across your blog while blogwalking. You've got a new follower :)

  5. I am sure you will make this post every year... ageless!


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