For a long time, a really long time, I don't know how did I manage to convince myself and believe that I 'could not' write. That I would take some critics so seriously, enough to stop following the heart. Some people have their way of drowning you so much into their lives that you just forget yourself. I didn't realize when the 'nutjob' in me faded away and turned me into an angry bird. So much that I began cursing anyone who hurt me. After a while you get so intolerant with pain, you just cannot feel anything.

My blog, however active or inactive it is/has been, is never a rant-space and nor I am turning it into one. Sorry if that intro paragraph turned you off.

Lets just say I am glad to have managed to gather myself to write again. Life if good now, I am better.


The attempt to put on weight is still on, although my focus has now moved over to eating right and eating healthy than eating-to-put-on-weight. Finally managed to find place to call home, in this city so the culinary skills are being brushed every now and then. It is stressful, but lightens up the day, in a way. I go to bed excited about how and what to cook the next day, which makes me look forward to a good morning. And that one hour in the kitchen is sort of a disconnect in its own way - me, doing my thing, nobody to bother. And it clearly shows on the food! Every single time. Not that I have nothing to look forward to otherwise, but I personally like this feeling. Weekends its the opposite; I want to stay away from the kitchen.

Until last year, it was 2 books a year. 3 months into 2017 and 2 books down already. I am trying to consciously make an effort to read. I am hoping this graph does not go down.

Work has been good too. But travel and music has reduced though; miss discovering and enjoying music like back then.

I haven't written in 3 years, in spite of the itchy hands. But hey! Given how great work has been, I thought of writing something, more like out of loyalty. And its going public! After reading the article a couple of times, plus some motivation from people here, the confidence is coming back.

Here's hoping for a year of some great tea, travel and music;  a good, productive year.

To more writing.



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