Another year down...

A year since the last post.
A year since my return to the city, since the city employed me.

Sometimes they say - "Sit back and let life do the talking". Every once in a while, one should actually just try doing it.

Time had once made me realize that this city isn't worth the effort, that no matter how hard I tried, I wouldn't get back what I wanted. After a long while, again time made me take the decision of returning back. Again, with an absolutely blank mind. Someone that day posted about how we NRIs are misunderstood for our upbringing, mentality, and definition of home. As much as I agree, I'd like to add; It is one thing to feel at home in our home country and a foreign country, But it is an absolutely complex feeling to feel unaccepted in your own land. For those born and raised here, it might not even seem like a big deal. In fact, we all get those stares for making it sound like a big deal. For me, it is a mixed feeling. As much as I am proud of what I have accomplished in my time here, there is that void, of not being allowed to do more, that regret that I could really have done a lot more. No blame-game, but somehow, every time I have this clear idea of what I want to do, the city offers me something totally off the plate.

One such event is SlydS.

So the interview happened over a Facebook chat with sender and recipient sitting in 2 different countries. And with me wondering all the while how would I even fit into a design studio. I complete one year soon, and I admit, it has been the second best workplace.

An absolutely fun ride, with its dose of stress every now and then, I cannot really calculate how this one year flew by.

10 of us, out of which the 5 of us became thick colleagues, Slyds has been my world and time for the past year. By that I mean, it was only work and them the whole time. I would not call that addiction; you know that feeling when sometimes, work becomes family?

The thickest of the team, the craziest bunch of colleagues, heights of randomness, endless bakchodi, I have had the best time at work.

Despite all the fun, I do not know how could I not manage my mood for a day, to write.

With all the motivation and push, this post is dedicated to them.
Thank you for getting me back on track.

To all you nut heads,

Thank you for accepting me.