Letters to Heaven (#4)

Why is it that the mind is always on the lookout for an end?
Why cannot we unlearn, sometimes?
Do wounds thoroughly heal? Or is it just new skin that covers it up?
Does love really set you free? Does it stitch up the scars?
Do you completely let go?


How would I know, what tying a thread on a brother’s wrist felt, or what it meant?
Not just me, take Suchi for that matter. Or is that overrated too?

Dear Brother,

I need to know -

Why did you never make an effort to bond with Suchi?
Why have you made her live with that void, while she was only innocent and oblivious?
Why did you deprive her of the brother-sister relationship/love?

Unlike other relationships, we did not have to choose each other. Do you think you tried enough?
Was distance the only excuse for the absence of love?

No, I will not love you less. I just need answers.


Happy Rakshabandhan.