Letters to Heaven (#3)

Hello You! 

Today, I shall write to you about this one friend. Why so special? You will know when you finish the letter.
I am not a fan of birthdays, you know it. But honestly, I guess I just do not like mine. Kyunki kisi bhi khaas dost ka janamdin manane mein mujhe bahut maza aata hai. No it’s not the cake smashing part, its just the effort and fun that goes in, to make them happy.

One such person is this girl (yes, girl) Aonu; Anushya Choudhury, in short Anu. There is nothing I can physically do to keep her happy today, hence this post. And she came after you left, so you do not know her. 

So Aonu. Some love her name and wonder how difficult could it be for one to pronounce a simple name of a person this beautiful, that she had to chop it half?

The world would not just find it strange, but find it so hard to believe, how 2 people who are completely different, get along so well! We are poles apart in our communication; our tone of voices does not really match our sizes. She is this absolutely soft spoken, sweet voiced fast talker who could never abuse anyone in her wildest dreams; ’Badtameez’ is all she’d call you!  Waise dekha jaaye, utne bhi alag nahi hain. Apart from being very forgiving, we do have a few things in common – Tea, fish, potatoes, walks, treks, beaches, Mohd. Rafi, Pakistani music, and also enjoyed the Indie/Progressive house I played for her. Yes, she loves fluff toys, changes her nail color every week, has a lovely collection of footwear and a red lipstick! Yet she does not annoy me, in fact she can never annoy anyone.

Jab tu chala gaya tha, I disconnected from everyone. It was stupid, maybe. Lekin jab Nakul chala gaya, I didn’t have much time. I needed to just gather myself and focus on work. One ping, not even a phone call, and she opened her doors for me. No, she didn’t do the mandatory consoling/hugging. It is just how we respect each others’ space so much. Between us, it has never been about favors or balancing accounts. We have nil expectations from each other, all we expect is to just be ourselves whenever we are together. In fact, I have been selfish to have cut-off from her when I couldn’t handle my mind. Trust me, I do not deserve her. But she is completely forgiving. Maybe I should credit her amazing parents for it, or maybe just Nature for having made her this way.

I picture Kolkata every other time she talks about her childhood and her parents. I had just one evening with her mother, and believe me; it was hard to curb my emotions. A conversation that lasted 4 hours, it felt home. The other day, I called up aunty before taking the flight. I thought it would be just another conversation of goodbyes. Aunty just said – “Aonu pichle dino se pareshaan hai, ek tum hi ho jo samajthi ho, apne dost ko kaise chhodke jaa rahi hai?”  It doesn’t sound anything deep, does it? But I just choked. Every memory just rushed down like some violent stream. Forget the call; I thought this post/letter would be a lot easier.

She is this perfect daughter any parent could have asked for, and a partner a guy should kill for. It shocks me that she is still single, but I bet you, you have to earn this gem. I am only glad to have chosen her and made her a part of my life. She wishes to backpack with me, while I insist she does a solo disconnect backpack before she gets hitched. I miss her around - her laugh, her soft voice in the back of my head, her tiny feet, her tea! Just she being herself!  

Wishing her the best of times, may this year be her best! 
Many happy returns of the day, Aonu! 

P.S. We both love adding pepper in our masala chai :P