Letters To Heaven (#2)

Dear Chotte,

Apologies for the silence and absence, after the first letter to you, I somehow did not want to share my feelings public. I could not gather things around me and pen them down, they just wouldn’t sound happy. Not that I am fine with it now, but like I said, how else do we talk? Thanks to a bunch of school friends for pushing me last night, I am back! Do understand and forgive me.

So, the other day, May 1st, I was watching a few videos of Senna. You were on my mind the entire time. Remember how I’d just wait for you to switch on the TV so I could escape the Sunday shopping, while you would come back from playing, all sweaty? The videos reminded me of your love for sports. Illusion mode on - I have this assumption that there are categories of rooms in Heaven; like the ones who lose their lives in accidents have a separate one than the ones who take their own lives, etc. It does not make sense but let me live with the belief. So, have you met Senna there?! :/ I bet it would be one fun chat if you did. Yes, I can be so stupid but just the thought of you meeting him made me jump! 

Okay, let’s get back to reality.

So Clinton baap ban gaya aur Jaggu ki shaadi ho gayi! Believe that? Yeah, that was one long happy week. I have just been running around attending weddings here. Apart from a few surprises once in a while, nothing really exciting at my end (Shut up, don’t you laugh!).

Talk about surprises, last weekend was a mad one. I have nothing big to share so let me just talk about it anyways. Thanks to Kingfisher, Santosh got tickets for an IPL match on Saturday – RCB vs KKR. So it’s an early Saturday morning for me, I'm all up-and-about to head out shopping with Suchi, this brat calls me up saying he got a pass for the match. In spite of light showers the previous night, it was one hot sweaty morning, no sign of dark clouds at all. And then out of nowhere at about 3 pm, it gets all gloomy. Now, Bangalore gets mad with IPL, so the traffic was double maddening. And boy, it started pouring hailstones! Ice rolling down his hands, hitting my face, jumping over them on the road, it was fun in a way but not when you want to watch a match! And as usual I was screaming to glory on the road.

The match was delayed by 2 hours, gave us good enough time to dry/prep ourselves. Something warm for the system and we were back on our seats going stupidly crazy for RCB. A really good match, Gaylestorm to follow the hailstorm. The last over was a treat. 
You should be able to figure out how excited and happy I would have been after such a crazy day, considering how silent I have been for a while. I wanted more actually, headed out about 15 kms, all the way for a rock night. EPIC! 

Well, lets call it a night for now.

To a good night, Chotte!
Thanking Kingfisher for those good times, again!

Sorry again, for the absence. I shall write to you real soon.