In The City...

Its been 2 years in this city and still feels like there is so much I haven't explored/experienced. Last week seemed to be probably one of the most silent ones.

It began bad, an annoying end to first day at a new work place; the new paint in the pg seemed more like a pink prison than a paying guest. The paint got on to me so bad, the lungs could not bear . Breathlessness, sore throat, excessive dosage of steroids, so bad that I skipped work the whole week. But hey! It turned out quite productive!  I got myself some good rest, made time out for a play, cooking and other fun stuff.

Back to work implied no more making time out for plays and other weekday activities. So I tried to do all that I wanted in this one week, well I had to find a way to feel better!  The play "Nothing like Lear' was much enjoyed; its unbelievable how some people have such incredible talent. Vinay Pathak, an artist you must experience - Such effortless acting, unending passion and just so much to give to the world. Amazing! Period.

While the rest of the city was busy celebrating Sankranti, I just wanted a cup of tea in a quiet cafe. I have been quite lost when it comes to festivals the past few years. Staying away from home, busy in a city that is already busy with so many things, makes you a bit ignorant. I made a friend come all the way for a tea,ignoring he would want to be with his family. The cafe added a lot of warmth to the already light evening with books and wine bottles arranged all over the place. I cannot remember what we really spoke, I was happy and that's all that mattered.  A plate of well done cheese balls, 2 cups of tea with some jazz - Perfect!

Since everybody was indoors, the city was much calmer and happier , best time for a walk!
I had only heard the Ulsoor lake had a stench you would want to avoid. Not sure if I got lucky that day, the lake seemed to be just fine! 5.30 in the evening, there were people of all ages taking their evening walks and some were boating! So Cute! We did not have the time to cover the whole lake so had the best power walk in a long time. The site of buildings under construction on one corner, people boating on a holiday, oldies walking hand in hand, everything in one shot - Beautiful!

Ulsoor Lake
Courtesy - Santosh

From Ulsoor, I went to the other corner of the city, to meet an old friend. A 40 km bike ride on the highway with the moon almost coming up and an unplanned dinner at Hotel Aloft, I almost forgot I was sick.

The night was a difficult one to get through, the paint started its game with the lungs. And I could not avoid meeting the doctor,you know how jittery it all gets. This time cooking turned out to be good therapy - Beetroot salad and Aloo Mutter on the menu, I was all smiles. The day was spent only on working on the breathing. Not that it worked but I had my breaks in between.

Come Friday and you want the weekend dose. Rock music at 1522 and Mangalore cuisine - Sorted! 

Pavithra Hotel, Tumkur 
Saturday too turned out to be an absolute surprise. Breakfast with an old friend from Salalah at his place, home made Coorgi food and an unplanned visit to Tumkur just for the all famous Tatte Idly! Randomness at its best, I tell ya!

A loud Sunday with my gals, doctor visits, parlor time, and an evening in the kitchen for a four course meal to end the week. Good enough, yeah!

Yes, it is noisy and gets on your nerves but we all have those days where just the simplest things brings you so much joy. First month of the year and I am glad to have spent 7 days being happy without a break. 

Hoping the city gives each of you your well deserved dose from walks to anything that keeps you happy. 
Go on, breathe a little easier, spread the love! 

Thank you, Bangalore!
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  1. Hah! Finally seeing the "rest of Bangalore", eh Vijetha? ;)

  2. Nikhil NanuJanuary 23, 2014

    Thinking of something smart to type here , but I LL just go with, heey nice post :)

  3. Its simply awezummmm.... I too much the same abt bangalore.. being bz in A city which is already bz.. well said... All likes for this one.. m sure y vl continue to be happy...

    1. Thank you Aonu.. Glad you liked.

  4. hey viji.:). it seemed yu were narrating a beautiful fairy tale after evey line i read.. abt a city which i sooo busy within sometimes hard to believe that there is such a beautiful part within, feels pleasin...,thankyu...!! loved yur writin <3

  5. vijeee ...evrytime i start readin ur blog i start imagining while readin.... :) :) once again ur blog did it ... beautiful ..nice n simple ....

  6. Lots of food mentioned above..
    Doesn't seem to stick though, does it? Glad to see you are writimg again....


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