When Dreams Turn Into Reality...

A decade ago, I still remember hunting for their audio cassette, running around shops, troubling Dad saying how badly I wanted it.. This one memory just rushed into my mind as Faisal Kapadia and Bilal Maqsood walked on to the stage last evening.. The host for the evening, Aditi Singh Sharma just says "On the count of three please welcome, all the way from Pakistan, Strings"... and they just walk in! I froze for a few minutes..  I stood there literally gaping at this man who made school days so musical. I wish I could just freeze many such moments from last evening - India Music Week with Strings, Parikrama and Friends..

I gaped, glared, gawped and what not, the moment Faisal started singing.. Standing in very first row, right in front of him, I didn't know if I had to stop myself from falling in love with that voice that or just indulge in the experience.
After all those famous tracks, the patriotism comes out too; they played Sare Jahan se Achha!

The madness had just begun.

Next up - The second half of the madness - Parikrama and Friends.

Parikrama kick off in about 15 mins with Faisal's re-entry. Now they said Parikrama and friends, meaning a set of musicians coming along and doing their bit. First surprise artist - Vasu Dixit. Swarathma is probably one of those bands I admire, appreciate and follow. Always seen this man in a wacky traditional attire, last night he comes in casuals and sings Floyd!! Yes Pink Floyd.. Hold on! If you thought this was a shock, ever thought Sarangi could be mixed with a metal track..? Sohail (Advaita) pulled it off so smoothly.. Another jaw dropping moment..

You like a band, adore their music, long to see them live and you would obviously expect them to sing their songs for you.. But we keep forgetting that musicians love their fans more, hence the surprise element! It is okay to dream about watching your favourite band perform live. But its even more awesome when they cover your favourite tracks, surprise you and leave you bowled over with that immense amount of talent which might have gone unnoticed.
Few weeks ago when I got to know about India Music Week, I assumed it would be just another music festival sorts, with bands flowing in and the usual performances.. So when I saw Mohan and Koco on the artist list, I jumped off my chair - I would finally get to see Agnee live, something I have been dreaming since 2008.. But just few mins before the show, I overheard Rahul Ram, Indian Ocean talking to a few fans saying this is a rock festival and that they would be covering some of the best rock songs. I butted into the conversation and asked if it were the same with all. And he says - "You know what I'm singing - Stairway to Heaven.." That was a good shock but then my heart broke a little - Mohan would not be singing his signature tracks.. So from Sadho Re, Aahatein and I had to imagine Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix.

Aditi finally announces Mohan. It all just seemed like a dream when she spiller the name out.

"Ho pyaar mein jo housla, Kadmon pe tere ho jahan"
And there he was! White shirt, blue denims and brown Fedora.. URGH!! Walks in with his super cool guitar, hugs Nitin and there they begin - I Believe

Holy Molly! Standing at a 2 arm distance away from your favourite artist singing one of their best tracks.. Irresistible.. Overwhelming.. Out of the world.. The man whose voice put me to bed every night for the last four years, was now standing right in front of me. Every night (religiously every night since 2008) Id listen to to his voice and wish I would one day watch him live.. How can I thank you for having made this dream come true..! Life froze for those 3 whole minutes..

Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, ACDC and what not... Solo lead guitar acts by Koco(Agnee) and Bruce Lee (TAAQ), Amit's (Indian Ocean) surprise flute act and Nitin's (Parikrama) shockingly amazing job on the vocals.. I am out of words to describe how my brain nerves exploded.. broke free.. let loose... God! I'm short of words..

It felt a little nostalgic when the whole lot came on to the stage at the end and sang along Hey Jude.. Rahul with his drink on the stage, Bruce Lee still consistent with the madness.. Music is like a way of life for all these artists..

He came... He smiled.. He stole my heart... (That handshake and the 30 second chat was worth a lifetime)
They came.. They smashed..  They conquered..

On our way back home, my friend said "Why do you always dream the impossible". Take a moment to sit and and think what exactly does the impossible make you do.


Thank you once again.. Hope the next wait isn't this long..