The Wild One..

This whole thing of blogging about you or whatever it may look like struck me while I was in an auto heading home after meeting a friend who suggested I should convert all my diary entries into blog posts.. And then the other day Arun uploaded the pics..! Well tis aint all private and besides your birthday was coming up too! This one’s an extract from wat I wrote while travelling back to India.

Its been a while that part of Viji came out; there’s so much inside, I'm stopping for a while, looking back at a memory and wondering which one to choose. Thanks for showing me a part of myself I hadn’t discovered. That point in Life when Love conquers you and leaves you surprised.

Introducing you readers to…  
A great friend, been successfully carrying the tag ‘Casanova’ since school, charming the other sex is a piece of cake, passionate footballer, an adorable human and a rash, insane yet safe driver. Trust him blindly with getting you home in one piece but watch out for his weakness for          speed-breakers, also be aware to fix your brakes sooner if you let him drive your ride..  
He ‘comes back to life’ with Floyd, sometimes ‘Lets it Be’ and otherwise is on high ‘Voltage’.

A junior in school, never got to interact with him then. Better late than never, it began over a pizza when a bunch of passouts met up for a reunion. And the first thing he says – “Is this Vijetha? That girl with 2 long plaits and big glasses?"…. And the rest is history.. From dinners it went on to drives, treks, and more..

Until June 2012, he was a friend.. A friend miles apart yet very much in touch.. More like the only one I updated of all my whereabouts. I dint realize my love for him until early 2012 when somehow we were both drowning in the same boat. That point in time when you are drained outta emotions and wanna spit it out but you cant find anyone around ya! From months it came down to weeks and then one fine night I decide to just get the heck there, leaving everything aside. Things worked in my favour, Dad needed my help to get off some burden at work so yea, I flew!

I still remember the thrill  in those msgs when we just couldn wait any longer to hold each other. In a flash all that gloom got replaced with content and we couldn’t stop looking at the calendar. The last few mins were excitement filled with a lil anxiety; literally had butterflies in my stomach until I got that first glimpse.. I was below my building, with the rest of the gang waiting for him.. And there! He got out of his Rav4.. Ah! What a delight to see that smile. Everything seemed so right when I ran into his arms.
It took a while for us to believe that we finally got to hear each other instead of those long messages. There was tonnes to talk and we dint know from where to start.

Down here in India where I have so many friends to choose from for a coffee or drink, somehow prefer doing things by myself.. But in the last 2 months, we just wanted the best of each other; not meeting for a few hours felt weird.. Maybe coz we both knew that this would the last time..

That naughty mind, which ran the fastest amongst all of us, watching you drive, have your 'cargasm'.. And the way you move your fingers when there's Voltage playing... I miss it all.. Most of all - miss sitting in the passenger seat enjoying being driven by you..

Running into someone's arms never felt so warm as his. You could just not stop with a hug, hold him for as long as you could and fall in love with the innocence.. Glad to know all that love came out, feels great. Wish we could meet sooner, but I am getting used to it now..

Here's wishing you the best of everything you deserve.. Go live that to-do list you’ve been holding on to for so long.. 
Many more happy returns, Love!

Name: Iftek(kkhhhhar from the epiglottis) aka ‘Ifti’
He cant live without: Pink Floyd, Blackmill, Skrillex and his Mum’s food.
When he’s not working: Beer, Drive, Football..


  1. This is 'AWWWWWW'esome.. Happy birthday, Ifte!!

  2. vijiiii.. thank you so much for what you have done.!!! loved reading it!!!

  3. Awesome awesome awesome... Well done sis... Lookin forward for the next story... Ur too good...


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