Have you felt the rain strike your face like as if Nature were a lil angry at ya?

Ever gone numb gawping at a coast, late in the midnight.?
Last weekend was beyond FUN, FRIENDS and LOVE.

This post might convey just half the experience as I am still hung over that absobeautiful day..  Past few weeks have been simply amazing and overwhelming, this is one among them.

We were around 18 of us when we started, or should I say 2 families of friends, which came down to just 6 towards the end of the day. Thursday being working day for most of them, we were running 5 hours late.. Meanwhile, we stuffed ourselves with cheese and pizzas!
After a lot of miscommunication, misdirection and what not, we somehow fumbled our way up, reached our spot around 4.30pm. Now on any given day, anywhere in the world, its sunset time in an hour, which implied we wouldn’t have much to enjoy.. I was hoping we’d get a lil lucky to spend some good Nature time.. And we did!  Picturesque view of the mountains that almost seemed like a cake with green icing, the chilling drive up those winding roads masked with so much mist that only the hazard sign of the car in front was visible..  A treat for the eyes..

So yea, we parked the cars and set off hiking.. Down in the city, it was humid, no sign of rain. Out here, we were all drenched in no time; shivering and I effortlessly went along with the wind!! The first peak was an easy climb.. Trekking here in Salalah, ain't difficult at all unlike back in India; no planning required.  All you’d need to carry would be a few mats and some fluids to complement the weather.. 
We wanted more,so went on to the second one.. This was unbelievable..  Unimaginable.. Undreamt-of.. Fingers numb, ears ringing, our shirts almost flying off – All this on a mountain in the Middle East! Like one of them said – ‘The wind was passing through you.’ Screaming, falling all over the place hugging each other just to keep ourselves warm, those few minutes at the cliff were insane.. Euphoric.. Divine..  
Arms wide open, doused in the rain, wind slapping your face so hard…. Life never felt so much at peace..

Headed back to city after fighting over left over portions of cold pizza, dropped the gals home => ‘Private time’ for the 6 of us!! No ranting, no pretence.. Just nonstop bakchodi.. A game of bowling, some ‘not-so-happy’ talks and crashed at the last pit stop - Beach @ 10.30 pm.. Few on the chairs and the rest flat on the ground, stumbling over food..  Oh Yea, the night had just begun! Well at least for me..

Nude shore - no lights, nothing at all around.
Rhythmic echoing of the rough waves,
Clear heavens above,
Mad rush of thoughts, oblivious of what's going on inside,  
The silence numbs you…
For once, you want to ignore Life is an Illusion..  Surrender... Let It Be..

I went blank.. Just BLANK.. The head felt light and almost empty!

Most of my friends find me selfish coz I really enjoy solitude, addicted to it by now. Now what, you can’t enjoy being yourself? Only exceptional cases I’d willingly let someone be a part of the moment..  And that night goes right down the memory lane..
I shared ‘The Walk of My Life’ with this adorable friend.  A WHOLE lot of LOVE.. Perfect, yea?

Guess, I fell in Love with Love that night…. (Now don’t ask me how long that lasted)



  1. "I effortlessly went along with the wind!!" I can easily imagine that Viji!

    Well written :)

    Enjoy hiking..!

  2. True that, eh?! Cheers!

  3. Ignore life, go on. Live it. Ignore it! I am not sure if i am sounding right here... but sometimes its best to ignore what around and just live it!


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