A Selfish 'Sneak' into a Flat..

There's nothing unsual about having bad days at work, who doesn't have one?
Most the cases work spoils the day, but it wasn't really the case with me. Work was all great last week, I was all smiles at work but wen I'd get home, I would just get lost, no clue wats going on in the head.
This post is about my 'time' at a friend's flat...

This guy calls up for a small favor.. Well these brats had planned a roadtrip for the weekend and I was to feed his fishes for 2 days.. Thats the favor!

Now, I have always longed to go visit his flat for the last 2 years, just for the heck of it.. Thanks to the fishes, yea! Marble flooring, impeccable maintenance, a quintessence of simplicity.. 
My eyes fell one part of the main showcase in the hall- the number of books stacked in corners.. I froze for a few seconds as I held one of them. Sadly, none of them were in English. I glared at all of them and wondered at the amount of spiritual wisdom this man had, how lucky he was blessed to be chosen for all that erudition.

Now coming back to the flat..
Saturday - Went there straight from work so couldnt stay for long. I would have loved to spend the night there but it aint right to take advantage of someone's trust. Smell of the wet ground from the windows, a cute balcony, a tall rack of books - Irresistible . So, I fed the fishes first and relaxed for a while, took a small walk around the house. Kitchen - My FAVourite section of the house. They are damn right when they say, "A home is easier to manage when there is a woman in it". A quick glance is enough to convince anyone that there's a woman in the house. Ah! I cud almost smell her food standing there in front of the stove. The cutlery so neat and perfect, FLAWLESS maintenance.
Sat for a while and left home..

I wonder why we do this.. You have all the pieces with you, just right next to you, but you still cant fix the jigsaw.. I have my room for my privacy(comparaitvely less), my space and almost everything to feel good about but I wasn't!  The coffee nor the walks, neither of them were doing any good. Why did I want to sit in HIS house, I do not know..

Had my share of the sunday sleep, lazied around in the day and left room at 4pm with a laptop, hard disk, a book and a packet of Lays..

And there I was... :) Its a diifferent world altogether in that flat. I stood there for a few seconds as I opened the door.....and just smiled.. Felt like home.. For a second I wished someone would come out and I'd get a hug..

 Every little thing about the house is humbling and just wonderful.. 
I occupied his bedroom (He's gonna kill me for it).. Well the hall was too bright for a movie, and why would I not use his room? ;)
So it was not a long playlist really.. Started with a dose of Entourage for the first hour.. A little later the clouds seemed to get darker so I took a break and sat in the balcony. Anyone would love to sip on some hot coffee or a glass of wine for that absolutely beautiful feeling, but I was happier with a glass of water. Shocking, isn't it?  Wanted more, so went for a walk outside. Got back and watched Sherlock Holmes and Modern Family, munched on the packet of Lays. So far it was fun, but not perfect enough.. Some reading had to be done..

The sun had already set so I couldn't sit out and let mosquitoes inside.. I had my book with me but was so tempted to read at least one from the rack.. After some scanning, somehow found an English copy.! adn there, I sat right on the floor and read all that I could; the fastest I have ever read.. I should say I was a little selfish to steal some amount of the 'wisdom' into this head of mine.. A good dose of The Reading and I went back to my novel, Gyaan ka kuch zyaada overdose ho gaya tha.

9pm sharp, pack up..
To look back at it, you would say I dint do anything as such.. I mean who doesn't watch movies in their rooms?? Its that feeling of fleetingness.. Sometimes that power time with yourself is all you need, and I bet you its feels awesome!
Sadly I do not have a picture of the flat (He would've murdered me even if i did), so I am leaving you guys to do some dreaming...

Cheers to a great time in a long time..!


  1. "Sometimes that power time with yourself is all you need, and I bet you its feels awesome!" Well written Viji!!


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