A Note to the Heavens

There's a wide smile as I type this very first post which will go public in a few minutes.

I hadn't imagined you would be the lucky one I'd start my blog with, but just to prove you wrong you always topped my list. Zabardasti kya karvadiya mere haat se..

Chotte(younger brother)..! Just the other day, I watched 2 movies back to back. Nobody around to disturb, no messages or pings in between, I was silent for 4 full hours. Beat that! It was around 10 in the night and wanted to make an STD call. By default its been Bhai or you, and I dial your number. On first ring I cut the call and threw the phone on the bed. Yes! I forgot you were no more.. Don't ask me how but I still cant believe I made that call. I laughed at myself for this stupid act of again 'not thinking before doing anything' and just smiled away.. I actually called up to tell you I was having a DiaryMilk Crackle after the last one I had with you. Well, now that we cant talk, hence the note. 

After a month of releasing and realizing, I now simply smile every time I massage my head. The headache prank of putting you to bed, those late night sneak-outs, your Mangalore holiday, our desi moves, the bike ride, those goodnight kisses you literally begged for.. And my best time with you - our power talk next to Westin Hotel. You couldn't wait until we got home that you stopped the bike in front of the hotel and spat  things out to me, just so that I could be the first one to know. You knew how happy I was.

Planning a weekend with Bhai and you was never a task for me; we just had to use our 'movie excuse'. Football in the afternoon and 'movie' in the evenings - perfect sunday. Sabke saamne bada shareef banta tha, but you couldn't control your killer smile that always spoke more than your actions. It was always easy to read between your lines. I would be right if I say your humility and selfless attitude stole a few hearts but nothing can beat that black Louis Phillipe shirt i gave you, you at your BEST!

And about Vini's wedding, OH! It was maddening but fun... It went smooth, Sangeet was the major highlight. I wanted to cancel it but Bhai and dad said we should do it for you. Everyone went crazy dancing on the terrace. From our 2 yr old niece to the Mangalore oldies, we got everyone on the floor. You missed Papa's 5 second attempt to dance and that joy on his face to see his daughter grow up to be someone's wife. There were a lot of wet eyes that night. 

I miss your love more than anything, you've taken it along with you. But I love you more. 
You have had an awesome journey down here, Chotte. And it looks like the hereafter is good too. They have started a scholarship in your name at St.Thomas and I believe it will be presented to the best footballer/sportsman of the year. You couldn't be happier, could you? 

And now, with your permission, allow me live a part of your dream; the Thunderbird will come home this year and hopefully our 'Bistro' will click.

Rest in Peace, Chotte..

Love ya..

Anish Naik.
Born: May 29, 1989
Died: November 6th, 2011
Profession: Hotelier at The Oberoi,Mumbai(Production & Service)


  1. ..... nicely written .... a tiny tear might just have dropped ... considering the mighty cry baby iam this is no surprise, i had to say that to make you understad how well its written .. a lot of heart in it lady .. keep it smiling

  2. I am humbled Kaveer.. Thanks!

  3. Its difficult to let go ppl like this... emptiness kills us within...
    Death makes life at times unfair. Indeed I have heard this from you in-person....but this rolled out tears in my eyes.

    My takeaway from this post: Love the ppl that u care about with u all ur heart and do it right away. Dont wait till tomorrow or u might never get the opportunity.

    His sole shall rest in peace.

  4. Yes its very difficult to forget someone who was so close is no more. Only memories remain to cherish and and drop in corner of your eyes:(

  5. A single tear rolled down.. sorry for the loss.. Nicely penned Viji.. :(

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  6. I felt so attached with it as I lived the moments...yeah nicely written, no doubt. You made all cry...

    O God! let his soul Rest in Peace.


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