And he lived his dream...

It was one of those mad Fridays where the city was packed with traffic, all headed for their holidays in their own directions. And that's when I saw him, walking towards Majestic BusStop(Main BusStand) in his own world, enjoying that short walk better off on the streets, while I was sandwiched in the bus headed to the same stop though. For some reason I was hoping he would be with us, be a part of our group. I somehow get to the pick-up point and there he was.. Short dude walking around, talking to a few, blasting EDM music in his ears..

My initial scan reports - S/W developer by profession, focused Piscean with his share of dreams, an Apple lover, a gentleman in the perfect sense with a very balanced mind, great taste in style, Fedora lover and oh! Very particular of how he wants his tea and vodka. Also, he would never compromise on his sleep.

Now I had no clue that tiny head dreamt so much.. One of those nights partying he leaked out his dream of becoming a DJ, not as a profession just a hobby for the love of music. These days you get to hear this line from a lot of them, but he soon proved me wrong. He had already made 4 tracks before he enrolled himself for a full fledged certified course! That's a wow for me. So yea, he somehow gets his DJ Kit by Dec2011, registers himself at this music academy and kicks off with the 3 month course. His unofficial debut was on VDay for real small group for folks at a friend's place. I remember his words - "I want to stand like this one day and play for a massive crowd, see them dance to my tunes".

A month or so later, just as I get into his car he spits out the BIG news - "I'll be having my first gig soon Viji.. We will be playing only retro music but yea, it'l be my first." And I go W.O.W. Damn that look on his face, I tell ya.. That was one MOMENT! Just half way through the learning and he'd already got his debut date! Well,I had to control my excitement coz he was driving me back home.
In a week's time the visiting cards are ready and he's all focused on the big day.

Monday, April 2nd 2012.. Venue - Pebbles, Bangalore
It was a part of work for me too, so I had to be at the venue to check on the rest of the DJs. I get there with a small group of friends to see only 3 tables full. And in an hour's time his fans/friends filled up the place. Yea, there were like 6 packed tables filled only with his guests! There were 6  DJs performing that night, all debut. You could see the tension on most the faces but these last 2 guys were enjoying the night. Our boy was all excited and anxious of his performance, spoke to every guest who'd taken their time out for him. And he finally takes stage at 9:30.. Yes, there were tiny butterflies running inside his belly but they flew away as he kicked off. He dint have to take that extra mile to impress his fans. Just 20 mins of his act, real good choice of tracks and good mixing.. There! He amazed us all.. It was that one proud moment to see your friend live his dream, doing his thing, passion flowing out..
I smiled away the entire night just looking at that joy on his face.. Those 20 mins flew real quick but he came back again with his friend to end the night with some commercial.. This came to me as a surprise, coz they weren't allowed to play anything other than Retro.. The duo got almost everyone on the dance floor, Beat that!

We headed home together; I should say he was high on life.. SO overwhelmed that he lived the day he always dreamt about, had his folks around to support and watch him play.. He just wouldn't stop screaming in the car! I couldn't take my eyes off him..  Life was perfect for him that night.

It was a great night and I am sure as hell there will many more to come..
Wishing ya all the luck you need..

Let there be more music for our ears..

Name: Dhruva Krishnan aka DJ DKris
Profession: Lets not mix work with dreams, yea!
His music - 


  1. Loved the write up!! Great going bro.

  2. Nice write up girl..simple and straight to the heart :-):-):-):-)..and Dhruv u already know I m proud of u...

    1. Thanks much Prachi :) Without meeting up or listening to what i play you're proud of me. Viji has done an awesome job with the writeup then :)

  3. Thanks guys!
    @TwugD will look into it..


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